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We believe in providing the best set of trading strategies for you to trade with successfully. Both manual and automated, with our ForexScalpingPro trading strategy for a manual experience added with our approved range of automated forex robots/expert advisors combines itself into a very powerful set of trading strategies for your trading portfolio.

Our moto is to always to trade safe and control risk. That is why you will see that our automated trading strategies are only traded on REAL accounts. Managing risk is our number 1 priority when trading. Check out our range trading systems at the bottom of this page.

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Scalping is only 1 form of trading forex. We strongly believe all traders need to diversify with other forex trading strategies to be able to handle the ever changing market conditions and volatility. Below you will find a complete set of forex trading strategies both manual and automated that you could add to your trading portfolio.

Why Do you Need these Systems

High probability trades

Place high probability trades with the pinpoint accuracy of a veteran forex trader. The custom Forex Scalping Pro indicators give multiple confirmations for trade entries

Built in trading safeguards

Forex Scalping Pro helps you keep out of the market during dangerous sideways movements and times of low volume. These are the very times when many traders lose their money.

Small draw down minimal capital outlay

The precision trade entry points and the stop loss position indicator show you exactly where to enter the trade and where to place your stop loss. This ensures an absolutely minimum draw down.

Easy to follow Instructions

You don't need programming skills to use it and there is no difficult jargon you have to learn. The detailed and simple trading and money management instructions will guide you every step of the way.

Why Is Forex Scalping Pro Unique?

    • Forex Scalping Pro Rules & Setup Guide
    • Scalping Pro Trader – MT4
    • Scalping Pro Checker- MT4
    • Scalping Alert- MT4
    • Sideways Range Indicators- MT4
    • Template- MT4
    • Can be used across any timeframe & currency pair
    • FREE BONUS 2 EA's (Viable Trading Strategies)


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Merdekarama and Forex Profit System
Olympic – Forex Robot
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